Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cheap hairdresser in Stavanger

Looking for a cheap hairdresser in Stavanger? There are many hairdressers but finding a cheap one is not
easy. Most of the articles I have found are irrelevant, outdated (2009) or are about hairdressers that are in the middle of nowhere.

Trying myself

So, I had to try myself. I arrived 6 years ago in Stavanger and when I asked my boss at that time about a hairdresser, she recommended me a hairdresser that cost about 1000 NOK. Probably not bad, but at that time, it was too expensive. I am a guy and don't want to spend that much just for a haircut.


In my opinion, among the cheap hairdressers I have tried, Aras Frisør is the best one. Located in city center (that's practical), it offers a cut for men for 220 NOK and for women for 300 NOK. I have been there several times, I have also tried several other places so when I say I think it is the best for this price range, it is not based on only 1 time experience (I have only tried 1 time the other places though).

Where is Aras Frisør

In city center. Google map does help so much as it is not a car street and the address isn't clear (Skagen 9 or something) so let me explain the directions: from peppes pizza, go towards the cinema. You should find Cafe de Luca on your right, then a shop that sells luggages, umbrellas, and women articles, follow the street that goes up (don't go straight). You should have a fast food place based on potatoes and bacon and a stair. It leads to Aras Frisør on the second floor. The stairs scared me for a long time as I could not see how clean or unclean the room was before entering it. Actually it is quite pretty and new, so don't worry about that.

How good are they?

The first few times I went there, the main hairdresser took care of my hair and he was skilled. After that, several times, it was a woman (always someone else) and it was not great. That is actually when I tried to find alternatives. Last week (09/2012), I really needed a haircut and thought I would give it a try again as I was not convinced with the alternatives I had found. It was a man who cut my hair. He was not so very gentle but otherwise he was good and I was really happy with the result. Much better than other hairdressers I have tried in Stavanger for the same price range

If you are a woman...

I am sorry, but I cannot say how could this place is for women. However, I still think this place is better than the alternatives for the price.

If you have any comments,

Do you know about a cheap and good hairdresser not too far from city center? An expensive but good one? Have you had some experiences with Aras Frisør yourself? Leave a comment!


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    1. That's a good question, I generally don't tip hairdressers in Norway

  4. been there today...thanks to your blog, it helped a lot.