Friday, October 5, 2012

Cheap restaurants in Stavanger

Stavanger is not a cheap city but it is still possible to find cheap restaurants.

1. In the center
Here are some cheap restaurants in Stavanger city center:

  • Bacchus: more a café than a restaurant but serves food. Review
  • Renå Xpress: sandwiches, salads, ... WebsiteReview
  • Naree Thai: Thai food, especially cheap for lunch. Website (in Norwegian but the menu is also in English), Review

2. In Pedersgata
Pedersgata is your best bet for cheap restaurants. Most are Take Away, but you can also eat there. Here are some examples:
  • Cafe 24: Turkish food, pizza, kebab, burgers... Website (isn't working now), Review 
  • Original Thai Take Away: Thai food. This is not a fast food restaurant. It will take time to get your food but the result will be nice.
  • Far East Take Away: Chinese food, quite successful in Stavanger. Website

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